Educational Seminars

Our free seminars are held throughout the year with topics that are important to ADF serving members and their families. HDSN connects with other community organisations, base command and current members to find out what topics are relevant and to ensure all information given is the most up to date and, where relevant, locally focused.

Previous seminars have included Job Seeking Skills, Health and Well being, Financial Management and Property Investment. All of which have had strong attendance by both members and partners.

Family Events

We know that Serving life can have a unique impact on members and their families who can find themselves posted to a new location at least once every three years, leaving little time to enjoy a new location, connect with others and establish support networks.

By providing as many opportunities as possible for family events HDSN hopes to familiarise members and their families with the Hunter region, help create support networks among families and improve relationship bonds within family units.

Partner Employment Network

We understand there are specific challenges faced by family members of ADF personnel when posted to a new region. Finding employment is one of those challenges. HDSN aims to support families in this regard by maintaining a strong network of businesses and recruitment agencies eager and willing to employ family members of ADF personnel. Please complete the register form below and one of our staff will be in contact to discuss your needs.